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Fuels & Lubricants tests


Environmental fuels

BNM has long experience of testing alternative fuels for handheld equipment with 2T engines. Alkylate fuel has been the most tested alternative.

As fossil free alternatives grow in interest we have the experience for evaluations in both performance and exhaust emissions. Combustion analyses can be added for deeper understanding.

For the environmental fuels for small 4T diesel-engines we offer performance and smoke tests.

Race fuels

Our focus for race fuel evaluation has been on 2T Kart-engines. Both steady-state and transient tests are done in dyno. Combustion analyses can be added. Testing with MX-engines will be available.


2T engines

BNM has over 30 years experience of evaluating lubricants for small air-cooled 2T engines. We offer tests as below with Husqvarna engines.

HVA346: High Temperature Ring-Sticking & Detergency Test,
HVA232: Low-Load Detergency Test,
HVA372: Lubricity Test,
HVA242: Smoke Test