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Exhaust emissions

Basic analysers

We offer exhaust emission measurements (by exhaust analysers) of the common parameters below.

  • HC Total Hydrocarbon
  • CO Carbon Monoxide
  • CO2 Carbon Dioxide
  • NOX Nitrogen Oxides
  • O2 Oxygen

Heated sample lines and filters are used for two-stroke engines. Normally also raw gas probes. Measurements with “Mixing Chamber” is available. MDT is used for some applications.

manNormal automotive laboratory procedures of calibrations and check-ups are followed (with over 40 years experience). We focus on engine development and have not the ambition to perform certifying tests in the laboratory.

Special analysers

Some emissions of interest are PAH, Acetaldehyde and Formaldehyde. Contact us for more specific information.

Measuring particulates

Particulate measuring with “Mixing Chamber”
Particulate measurement with “Mixing Chamber”

Particulates in form of PM and PN have grown in interest the last years.

We have performed in-house tests with a rented particulate instrument that measures instant values of PM and PN. By using this, it is possible to understand in which sequence in a test cycle that most particulates are formed and which sequence that is less harmful.